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anne lane

about the artist

art of the carolinasPainter and sculptor Anne Lane lives and works in Upstate South Carolina. When painting, she exploits the fluid characteristics of watercolor, gouache, and oil mediums to capture the landscapes and coastal scenes of the South.

Much of her three-dimensional work is crafted from found objects of factories and farms. The resulting assemblage sculptures are an homage to the hands that built America.

Her respect for the working man reflect memories of her own father who grew up on a family owned farm and later worked in a textile mill.

about the work

"Assemblage sculpture is a language in form. I am using objects to build puzzles using symbolic metaphors to communicate my ideas. It is more than grouping objects to reassign meaning or borrowing meaning from an object's original purpose. Using form challenges me to think differently about communicating an expression. My goal for "The American Factory: Factory's Flight", is to illustrate metaphorically the result of political maneuvers that took jobs out of the hands of the American worker. The piece represents de-constructing the Ameican factory by picking up the jobs that were the foundation of our economy and flying them away. I ask that the viewer follow a quiet question: what does the antiquated piece say about the significance of an America that no longer makes products or workers?

My father is the inspiration for my factory series, and last summer, I took a long look at my childhood impressions, the smell of oil on my father's hands and the sight and feel of cloth products from weave rooms where he worked. I remember my father's dedication and his words, "To work is good, and no matter what you do, always do a good job."





  • 2013—Carolina's Got Art,Elder Gallery -  Charlotte, NC
  • 2012—The 39th Annual Juried Show, The Artistsí Guild of Spartanburg
  • 2009—The Belton Standpipe Festival, Eleventh Juried Art Show
  • 2008—The 36th Annual Juried Show, The Artists’ Guild of Spartanburg
  • 2006—The Third Biennial Hub City Juried Art Competition, Spartanburg Art Museum



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